Suhool Otab Engineering & Construction company is mechanical Engineering Construction company located in Suhar. Al Sanaiya - Sulatanate of Oman.

We Established our firm in 2007 as Suhool Otab Trad. Company. We Have a Group of skilled technicians and management to fulfill the need of our clients and to improve our service to their benefit.

Our Passion is to satisfy the client with the qualify and completion of project by fulfilling the requirements in the limited time. Provides qualify assurance for the manufactured products.

Simplify your complex steel fabrication project by investing in a company that does it all. At Suhool Otab, we offer in-house engineering services that will streamline your project and save you time and money in the process. Combining our design-build construction management with our specialty fabrication services, we can help you achieve your goals faster than anyone else. We get involved from the very start, helping to prepare budgets, providing estimates and creating concept drawings, schematics and shop drawings. Our committed experts are highly qualified to carry out the fabrication process safely.

Our production capacity, combined with our customer focused delivery schedules, enable us to provide our clients with complete solutions to meet all their project requirements. Many years of experience in on-site erection capabilities for steel structure, plate works and tanks, extends our services beyond steel fabrication and allows us to offer our clients a complete solution package for even the most complex site requirements.